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About Us


CBS Tech Day is an annual technology conference that brings together Denmark’s aspiring university students and leading minds in technology.

Hosted at Copenhagen Business School, the event is designed to inspire and engage, where students can forge connections with innovators in the tech industry and immerse themselves in the latest industry developments and strategic practices shaping it.

At the heart of CBS Tech Day are the two crucial debate panels. In these panels, forward-thinking tech leaders and entrepreneurs delve into the current landscape and future prospects of technology, innovation, management, and their influences on socio-economic development.

As a bonus, attendees also get to enjoy a day’s worth of free snacks, food and drink.


In 2022, CBS students studying Business Administration and Digital Management identified a gap in Denmark’s academic landscapeIt was observed that there was a great absence of connection between tech companies and students who aspire to join the tech industry. This led to a limited opportunity for gaining deeper insights into emerging tech trends and discussing potential career prospects. 

Thus, CBS Tech Day was born, helping bridge this gap between Denmark’s tech-savvy students and the tech industry. 

Since its inception, the event has grown massively, attracting students from CBS and tech leaders alike. Moving into 2025, we are gearing up for Tech Day’s growth, with an ever- growing list of partners and sponsors. With every new Tech Day, we aim to give students and tech enthusiasts across Denmark a bird’s eye view at the changing tech scene. 

Our mission is to foster a collaborative space where tech enthusiasts, students, and industry experts can connect, share insights, and fuel innovation in an energetic and welcoming setting. 

our mission

Our vision is to help enable a transformative journey where technology enhances global well-being through a commitment to quality innovation, collaboration, and ethical excellence.


our vision

Our values


We nurture an environment where creativity is encouraged, unconventional ideas are welcomed, and the pursuit of groundbreaking solutions is a collective objective.



We believe teamwork, uniting diverse talents and perspectives, is the key to success in the fast-evolving tech landscape.


We are committed to upholding the highest ethical standards, ensuring transparency in our operations, and treating all stakeholders with fairness and respect.

COnsider Partnerting with us

Our conference provides a unique opportunity for tech companies to connect with talented students and tech enthusiasts in Denmark

By partnering with us, you’ll gain valuable exposure, promote your latest ventures, and find new talent to help drive your business forward. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to showcase your company to a highly engaged audience. Contact us today to learn more about partnering with us for Tech Day!